summer-clipart-summer021     hooray!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to using my new computer which I am getting for my Birthday.

I will be playing at our farm with my dogs, and with my rabbit and chickens.

I will miss my friends from school and look forward to September to see them again.

spring hare

1_Snowshoe_Hare_in_Spring_Transition-Murray_O_NeillHi  I  am Springy the spring hare a spring hare is a 16  inch and 9 pound animal can jump 20 to 30 feet long and can leap 15 miles in hour. A spring hare lives in the savanna a savanna is a hot and dry place that doesn’t have much rainfall.


Fall Haiku


Orange, yellow, red

The colorful leaves of fall

Tumbling to the ground

By McCabe

A haiku is an oriental form of poetry that is often about nature. It has three lines and seventeen syllables in a pattern of five, seven, five.